Understanding the Public P: Insights from a PPP case of water management in North Ghana

What is the best way effectively work with public partners in a public–private partnership (PPP)?

The partnership of IWAD Ghana Ltd., supported by the Dutch Government Sustainable Water Fund (FDW), is an interesting case with which to explore this question. The unique element of this partnership is the deep involvement of the Government of Ghana through SADA. Its contribution is manifold and its role developed: not only cofinancing, but also contributing to a conducive enabling environment in this region, which is also called the Savannah Agro Ecological Zone. This is strategically interesting for the lead partner’s scaling plans.

The case study is part of a research project by PPPLab and is a study of the Integrated Water Management and Knowledge Transfer in Sisili Kulpawn Basin in Ghana. The case study is based on desk research and field-based interviews with the partners in North Ghana in 2016.  It aims to give insights into the incentives, contributions and roles, challenges, risks, and partnership practices in relation to working effectively with in-country public partners. The insights from the case study inform a better understanding of the Public P, which can support more effective ways of partnering with the Public P for other partnerships, for which the lessons learned from this partnership cam be helpful. It can also promote reflection on the role and value added by the Public P.

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