Making PPPs Work: Program

09:00  Registration

09:30-10:30 Opening session with Tanja Gonggrijp (DGIS) & William van Niekerk (Alliander, Top sector Water)

10:30-12:15 Parallel Sessions:

1. Financing strategies for PPPs – What’s New?

Theme: Financing strategies

This session will make sense of (new) financing options for PPPs and will run speed dates to give participants feedback on the financing strategy for their own PPP (idea).

Particularly relevant for: Those wanting to become more strategic in their search for funding for PPPs.

Presentation by: Sjef Ernes (PPPLab)

Speed dates by: Sjef Ernes (PPPLab), Ralph Menzing (Birch Consultants) and Xander Pieterse

Facilitation by: Astrid van Agthoven (PPPLab)

To make best use of the speed dates, it is recommended that participants come prepared with a PPPCanvas or Business Model Canvas to be able to quickly explain their case

2. How to include small-scale producers for an effective PPP

Theme: Working with the Producer P

This session will look at the need and process of structurally increasing a PPP’s inclusiveness. Although producers play a central role in all food PPPs, they are often not part of the partnership. How, then, to include them effectively in your project?

Particularly relevant for: Those who see the success of their partnership depending on making producer (organisations) competent and equal partners in their project and seek to hear experiences from others.

Presentations by: Nico Janssen (‘the 4P project’ – SNV), Judith Jacobs (‘Sugar: make it work’ – FDOV)

Facilitation by: Floortje Jacobs (PPPLab)

3. Making your partnership a smooth ride

Theme: Partnering processes

This session will look at simple, structured processes to improve the way partners work together. Several tools will be introduced and worked with, ending with suggestions for possible use within your partnership.

Particularly relevant for: Those who want to reduce transaction costs within their PPP and increase internal efficiency.

Presentations by: Joost Guijt (PPPLab), Ted Schrader (CDI), Rita Dieleman and Helga van Kampen (Partnership Learning Loop)

Facilitation by: Joost Guijt (PPPLab)  

The tools we will work with can be found here: Partnering Process Tool and It takes 2 to trade and Partnership Learning Loop


LUNCH: RVO Q&A corner


13:15-15:15 Parallel Sessions:

4. Scaling: from simple models to rich strategies

Theme: Smart Scaling & System change

This session will unpack the concept of scaling and try to make it understandable, concrete and actionable. It will do so by presenting the findings of PPPLab’s study on scaling, which is based on a large number of interviews with ‘thought leaders’ and ‘case owners’ currently involved in scaling. The session will also focus on making the term practical and actionable which will support PPPs in analysing and improving their scaling strategies.

Particularly relevant for: PPP management struggling to bring their project to scale

 Presentations by: Femke Smeets (Pharmaccess), Floortje Jacobs (PPPLab)

 Facilitation by: Jan Ubels (SNV)

5. Realizing change through PPPs

Theme: Working with in-country partners.

Even when a partnership agrees on and introduces new ways of working, it can be a real struggle to get partners to actually adopt new knowledge and practice. This workshop draws on Vitens Evides International’s experience across 6 PPPs to explore how they tackle change management.

Particularly relevant for: those working with water PPPs, those seeking practical ways of supporting change in partners with very different incentives.

Presentations by: Reint-Jan de Blois (Vitens Evides International)

 6. Working effectively with the Public P in your PPP

Theme: Working with the Public P

This session provides you with guiding questions for working with the Public P and presents insights on Public P engagement strategies and practices from examples in Kenya and Ghana. Gaining such insight helps you in decision-making around your partnership and reflecting on the implications for partnering.

Particularly relevant for: PPP partners wanting to work more effectively with public partners in the project countries.

Presentations by: Kees van’t Klooster (Wageningen Environmental Research), Michel de Bruin (Agrico)

Facilitation by: Stella Pfisterer, Siri Lijfering, Marije Balt (PPPLab/PrC)

15:15 – 16:00

RVO: latest news on Call 3 FDW and FDOV – 10 min.

Coffee and speed dating : quick feedback on your PPP process or design

16:00- 16:30

PPPs of the future: Robert Dijksterhuis, Director of RVO, will close the day with a perspective on the possible future of PPPs. What could they look like in 10 years’ time, considering shifts in relevance, development role, ways of partnering? Mr Dijksterhuis draws on RVO’s experience managing a wide range of partnership facilities for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.