PPPLab is commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is driven and implemented by a consortium of:


PPPLab’s Advisory Group consists of the following people:

  • Prof. dr. Rob van Tulder (chair), Professor of International Business-Society Management at Erasmus University Rotterdam/RSM and Academic Director of Partnerships Resource Centre
  • Ros Tennyson, Director of Partnership Broker Association (former The Partnership Initiative and International Business Leaders Forum), senior consultant and trainer
  • Jim Tanburn, Coordinator of Donor Committee for Enterprise Development
  • Max van der Sleen, Director of IMSA and Founder of True Welfare Foundation
  • Dave Boselie, Senior Expert Learning & Innovation of IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative
  • Ken Caplan, Director of Building Partnerships for Development in Water and Sanitation


Our Steering Committee members are:

  • Prof. dr. Lucas Meijs, Chair Department B-SM of Erasmus University Rotterdam/RSM
  • Jessie Bokhoven, Chief Strategy Officer of SNV Netherlands Development Organization
  • Marianne van Dorp, Management Team member of the Centre for Development Innovation at Wageningen UR (CDI)
  • Lennart Silvis, Director Netherlands Water Partnership and Member of the Board of Aqua For All
  • Jeroen Roodenburg (observer), Director of Sustainable Economic Development (DDE) unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS)
  • Robert Dijksterhuis (observer), Director of International Programmes of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)


Other PPP and knowledge initiatives we relate to, and cooperate with: